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International Disaster Response Network Training

It is the goal of the International Disaster Response Network to train and prepare individuals, regardless of skill set or background, to survive and respond to a disaster.  The IDRN offers individual and community based disaster response training for groups and communities all around the world.

IDRN's training focuses on international communities that generally have no background in Disaster Response.  We train communities from the "ground up" who would otherwise be unprepared or helpless should a disaster occur. 

Our training is centered around universal global standards and practices, and can be applied to any global community.  From individual communities, to government entities, IDRN's training has had proven success!

Levels of Training

IDRN Badges

Once trained, IDRN members will receive an IDRN badge.  This badge indicates the level of training the member has received.  In addition, this badge has also allowed members to gain access through checkpoints, and has granted access into meetings.

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