Starfish Community

How do we Operate?

The IDRN is a part of a large network of organizations that are centered around humanitarian relief.  The primary catalyst for this larger network is Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG).  HISG's primary focus is connecting resources to needs through decentralized, relational networks.  The IDRN is a key network in HISG that specializes in connecting resources to needs in the arena of Disaster Response.

There is no owner of the IDRN, nor of our larger network.  We believe that centralized organizations lead to a lack of ownership, and lack creativity. When one operates as a de-centralized organization, the network grows, moves, and spreads through each member owning the network’s idea.

A starfish is a de-centralized organism.  There is no central body, only the convergence of a network of legs.  These legs are entirely independent from each other, but move and operate to work together.  If a leg is severed, not only will a new leg grow back, but in most cases, the severed leg grows into a new starfish!

Starfish Community is a collaboration of networks composed of individuals who have united with one common goal: helping those in need.  Working together, we become an unstoppable force!

This is our Starfish Network

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