World-watched, most powerful tropical cyclone of the year hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013. Named locally as Typhoon Yolanda, super tropical storm Haiyan (international code name) pounded through most of the Visayas, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake (Rappler).



Target Location 1: Guiuan, Samar

OVERVIEW (with report from UN-OCHA)


Guiuan located in Eastern Samar is the First Landfall of STS Haiyan (local: Yolanda) on 8 Nov 2013 and is included in the state of calamity declaration by the Philippine President on 11 Nov 2013 having been highly devastated by 10 metre storm surge brought by the super typhoon.


Out of the 46,000 people in Guiuan at least 65 people have died and 20 are still missing. There is no water, power or communication in Guiuan. All stores have been looted and medical facilities are completely destroyed. There is immediate need of food, water, medical supplies, shelter and generators. The airport runway in Guiuan was not damaged and is expected to be operational from 12 November for humanitarian operations. The airport will be used as a ‘collection and drop off point’ to serve the surrounding affected areas.



Although already accessible via San Juanico, beside the scarcity of means of transportation, problematic peace and order situation (e.g. sightings of armed groups, actual gov’t-vs.-rebel fightings and frisked group of disaster responders which resulted to death of two rebels) constrained entries of any responders in Guiuan. Relief goods had to be transported only via air on board military C130s. Upon advice by Task Force Yolanda, IDRN RAT skipped/suggested to postpone the RA at Guiuan Samar (5-hour land trip travel from Tacloban).


Target Location 2: Tacloban City, Eastern Leyte


Already, the Day 6 after STS Haiyan (Yolanda) made its landfall when IDRN RAT arrived, yet dead bodies in advance state of decomposition still littered/remained uncollected along the roads and stenching.


With no obvious local government functioning worsened by the enforced de facto martial law (with the presence of military and police forces everywhere in the City + the curfew), Tacloban when IDRN RAT arrived had no power, no communications, no public transport, no hotels and other accommodation facilities, no stores open, looting widespread,  residents showing hostility, and fuel/gasoline refilling stations were either looted even in broad daylight or mobbed by the locals for the very minimal gasoline/fuel rationing.




Food, Drinking Water, Medicine (common illness), Tarpaulins/tents, Blanket, Sleeping mats, Hygiene kit, water containers, house repair kits, Clean-up Drive, Psychosocials (kids), defined evac centers, appropriate gov’t agencies to help in maintaining peace and order.




City roadways: Slow with moderate to heavy traffic due to Entry/Exit/main roads had one lane only cleared off from power lines and other debris, and dead human bodies still at roadsides. Side/secondary roads 90% unpassable due to voluminous uncleared debris, ruins.


Possible Safe/Easy Relief Entry Route:

Land trip from Mindanao - via Lipata-San Ricardo sea route entering Tacloban either thru Liloan-Tacloban hi-way (4 hours) or Baybay-Tacloban hi-way (4 hours


From Manila - via Maharlika Hi-way thru Matnog-Samar sea route.


From Cebu either thru Baybay seaport (light cargo boats) then following the Baybay-Tacloban highway or Ormoc seaport (bigger boats) then taking the Ormoc-Baybay-Tacloban highway.


Air Route: Tacloban airport heavily damaged, however, airport runway is usable; No commercial flight but only American and Philippine military cargo planes, choppers are allowed to land/use the airport landing facility.



  1. Foreign responders are accommodated (must provide/mount own csamping tents) only at City’s sports grandstand where the national (NDRRMC) Command Center and Media centers are also located.
  2.  Bag snatching is widespread, foreigners specially are precautioned.
  3. Registration at both CDRRMO and NDRRMC must be seriously made for protection and operation purposes


Target Location 3: Ormoc City, Western Leyte


Local government admin and response organized and well attended by appropriate gov’t line agencies.


Although powerlines are not yet restored, many are using gensets and many stores are open for business. At the arrival of IDRN RAT, only one hotel was open for business where it also offered free phone battery recharging and the only internet connection. However, internet bogged down most times as many were trying to access.



Food, Medicine (antibiotics, surgical supplies), Tarpaulins/tents, Blanket, Sleeping mats, Clean-up Drive, Psychosocials (kids), house repair kits



Land: Highways all passable except the direct Ormoc-Tacloban highway


Sea: All passable with available hour-to-hour fast-craft trips + conventional boat-trips.


Air: Ok for commercial aircrafts however, crowded being used by American military aircrafts and by typhoon victims fighting turns to board the C130s as offered by the govt. in consideration to its temporary dispersion program.



  1. Responding to Ormoc must include own vehicles as exit (via public transportation) from the City is very difficult due to upsurge of passengers trying to get out from Leyte.
  2. Advance (and must be confirmed) hotel bookings is highly advisable and to be seriously considered/acted upon.
  3. Most stores are on ration system and lined up with long lines of buyers



NOTE: Except for/in Ormoc City, Tacloban city proper, with its very chaotic surviving residents, is personally attended to by the local and the national government line agencies although there is obvious slow pace of relief operations. Pocket relief distributions are discouraged to avoid riots and other unwanted consequences.


  1. Dulag (Tacloban vicinity)– a coastal municipality most devastated by STS Haiyan (Yolanda) with its 20-meter storm surge, located 47 kms to Tacloban City with 9,600 family-residents.


Dulag is the “only” place with noticeably disciplined residents and has well maintained peace and order despite lack of relief goods distributions. South entry to Dulag is already passable with good traffic condition; North entry has slow with moderate to heavy traffic due to unattended “next towns”; town proper roadways 85% passable; remote village roads 80% already passable.


The town needs Food, Drinking Water, Medicine (common illness), Tarpaulins/tents, Blanket, Sleeping mats, Hygiene kit, water containers, Clean-up Drive, Psychosocials (kids), defined evac centers, Medical Missions, and house construction material assistance.


  1. Sunshine Village (Ormoc vicinity) – an urban poor resettlement site village having 1,500 families devastated by STS Haiyan (Yolanda).


The area which is very accessible and near the City airport needs Food, Medicine (common illness), house lights, Tarpaulins/Tents, Blanket, Milk and baby foods, School supplies, Medical Missions, and house construction materials assistance.


IDRN KAGAYAN RAT recommends own Command Centers/LCCs be established in Tacloban City and Ormoc City (both must be within the City Hall perimeter).


Submitted by:  Alex C Dane

                        Team Writer

IDRN Kagayan RAT


With Co-Team:            Homer Eduave (Leader)

                                    Tony Casino (Team Photographer)


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thanks for this sir. need the location of idrn command post or any contact on the ground to link up with our church rep, Mr. Gregorio "Greg" Pernito. my number, 09083434088. thanks.


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